Alfa is the state of the art in BIOFEEDBACK devices for checking, measuring and training the patient balance system.

Alfa is used to assess the posture control of the patient when standing and to perform feedback training.

The machine performs the classical Romberg and Unterbeger test (open eyes / closed eyes), analyzing the patient capability to balance himself.

Alfa is a system used in the orthopedic, neurological and E.N.T. (Ear, nose, Throat) departments.

A huge variety of exercises / tests can be recorded in the patient’s file in order to monitor his improvements. If the tests are carried out with the correct methodology, the diagnostic sensitivity of the test is very close to that of the most accurate and competent clinical examinations.

The monitor provides an on-line feedback of the posture of the patient’s body when standing still and allows the patient to control his posture.

The feedback aids the patient-therapist communication, increases the patient’s motivation and stimulates self-analysis.

Hemiplegic patients treated with posturographic feedback techniques in the early stages of treatment, respond with improved leg load distribution and better alignment.

The program monitors and records the patient’s progress during the course of the therapy.

Due to their extreme flexibility and programmability, exercises can be customized and saved by associating them with the patient after evaluation of his pathology.

A video camera (OPTIONAL) can be used to record the movements of the patient during the tests/ exercises allowing for a more accurate evaluation of the results.

A pair of handrails (OPTIONAL) helps the patient to feel safer while performing the tests/exercises.

We supply the software and stabilometric platform.