EvoLASER 1064

Evolaser 1064 is the state of the art laser therapy
machine. It allows a variety of therapeutic applications,
making it the most versatile laser device on the market:
• high output power;
• continuous and pulsed mode up to 10.000 Hz;
• duty cycle range from 20% to 80%;
• possibility to create complex programs by combining
the point-to-point, scanning methods and cone
• adjustment of sweep frequency and duty cycle;
• use of cone for treatment of large areas;
• BURST mode emission;
• Test of the power actually released.
The Evolaser 1064 incorporates a computer that provides
almost infinite programming capabilities and allows the
operator to enter the patient’s data including information
on the history and evolution of patient’s disease.
A convenient USB connection allows transfer of patient’s
data to an external database, as well as software