EVO Shockwave

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Shockwave Therapy

PRO-SHOCK WAVES it is a very advanced product delivering radial shock waves for therapeutical use and it is absolutely one of the most versatile device of the market. The use of modern mechanical technologies applied to this machine guarantee the best quality of delivery of the shock wave on the patient. Furthermore, there are several energy transmitters with different focalizations, adopting the use of the machine to different types of application on the human body. From sports injuries to chronic diseases and disorders requiring rehabilitation, the PRO-SHOCK WAVES offers the ultimate technology in shock waves and, with its wide range of pre-set protocols, provides highly effective results in the treatment of pain. The unique patented E.S.A. System (Extremely Soft Absorbed) reduce the energy transmitted to the therapist up to the 90%. With its innovative and patented System, the PRO-SHOCK WAVES provides unequalled parameter flexibility, allowing the therapist to reduce the energy and create the perfect combinations of parameters for each patient.

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