,GAMMA dynamo graphic platform is a modern device constructed for evaluation and training of the neuromuscular coordination, weight distribution and balance

First of all, GAMMA is a force platform. We called it a dynamo graphic platform because of its primary function - assessment and training based on ground reaction force evaluation.

This system can be used in gait research, and to study starts, take-offs, and landings in running and jumping events; swings in baseball and golf; and balance in gymnastics. Device is intended to be used by patients suffering from various dysfunctions of musculoskeletal system (orthopedic, neurologic) and in neurological rehabilitation of children and teenagers.

GAMMA allows the users to conduct an optimized balance and sensomotor control training (i.e. weight bearing distribution training for stroke or post operating orthopedic rehab).

Huge advantage is the possibility of the individual positioning of each of the plates, so you can perform training in the stance this specific to the Patient needs.

This sophisticated dual-plate system was constructed for use during rehabilitation of various dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system like:

• Orthopedic

• Neurologic - sports based

• Neurologic - children and teenagers

Platform was designed for use in the following types of facilities:

• Rehabilitation centers

• Physiotherapy (PT) facilities

• Hospitals

• Wellness

• Sport clubs

A huge variety of exercises / tests can be recorded in the patient’s file in order to monitor his improvements. If the tests are carried out with the correct methodology, the diagnostic sensitivity of the test is very close to that of the most accurate and competent clinical examinations.

The monitor provides an on-line feedback of the posture of the patient’s body and allows the patient to control it.

The feedback aids the patient-therapist communication, increases the patient’s motivation and stimulates self-analysis.

The program monitors and records the patient’s progress during the course of the therapy.

Due to their extreme flexibility and programmability, exercises can be customized and saved by associating them with the patient after evaluation of his pathology.

Two video cameras (OPTIONAL) can be used to record the movements of the patient during the tests/exercises allowing for a more accurate evaluation of the results.

A pair of handrails (OPTIONAL) helps the patient to feel safer while performing the tests/exercises