کینزیوتیپ TMAX
کینزیوتیپ tmax
T MAX KinesioTape
T MAX KinesioTape

Neck Pain
1. Lower head and stretch the neck
    as much as possible.
2. Anchor "Y" strip at the center of the upper spine.
3. Apply the legs of tape along both side of the neck.
Shoulder Pain
1. Tilt head slightly in the opposite direction of applying
    the tape.
2. Apply "I" strip along the muscle line on shoulder.
General Shoulder
1. Placing hand behind back and anchor "Y" strip on upper arm.
2. Put one leg on front side of shoulder.
3. Holding the other side shoulder and apply other
    leg on back side of shoulder.
1. Slightly bending elbow and anchor "I" strip on elbow 
    and apply along the lower arm.
2. Anchor another "I" strip on upper arm and apply along upper arm.
3. Wrapping elbow for additional 
Joint Pain
1. Slightly bending elbow and apply "X" strip on the Joint.
Wrist Pain
1. Anchor "I" strip on palm and apply along the lower arm.
2. Put "I" strip around wrist for additional support.
Finger pain
1. Bending Finger as shown picture.
2. Apply "I" strip from finger tip to wrist.
Back Pain
1. Folding back and anchor "I" strip on spin
    and apply along the back as shown.
2. Put another strip on opposite side.
Lower Back Pain
1. Bending fully forward and anchor "I" strip lower back
    and apply to upward.
2. Apply another strip on the other side of lower back.
Hip Pain
1. Lying on side and bending legs.
2. Anchor "Y" strip on thigh and apply legs around hip.
Front Thigh
1. Apply "I" strip from Knee to the thigh.
2. Apply other "I" strips beside one by one.
3. Apply "I" strip above the knee.
1. Apply "I" strip on the back side of thigh.
Knee Pain
1. Bending knee and anchor "I" strip over kneecap
    and apply around the kneecap.
2. Apply another one around kneecap.
3. Apply support taping above and below kneecap.
Calf Pain
1. With toes pointing up to stretch the calf muscle.
2. Anchor "Y" strip on heel and apply legs around calf.
3. Apply support "I" strip as.
Achilles Pain
1. Anchor "I" strip on sole and apply along calf.
2. Apply "I" strip for additional support as shown.
Sole Pain 
1. Anchor "Y" strip on heel and apply on along the sole.
2. Apply another "Y" strip as shown.