Shortwave Diathermy


SW500 is a unit for continuous and pulsed short-wave therapy. It features a series of resident programs for the most common pathologies. The operator can create customised programs. The user interface is provided via a modern colour touch screen for maximum userfriendliness. Large patients archives with records of treated pathologies. These records may be used to repeat same treatment on the patient. Patient pain indicator. It is a parameter from 0 to 10 indicating the pain level that the specific patient experienced: record for initial and final pain to allow data comparison. Graphic indication of the emitter / electrodes positioning. General information about SW and its use available on the touch screen. Graphic indication of the delivered energy values (for continuous operation only). This indication is according to pathology treated and sensitivity of the specific patient. Preset energy values available. These values are different according to the emitter / electrode being used.